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Working since 1977

Working since 1977, our Group maintains its desire for improvement that has characterized over many years.

Here we are and here we will continue working every day with enthusiasm, determination, dedication and

professionalism, in order to continue providing the best service and quality to our customers.

Fernando Alvarez Castellano


What We Do

Healthy food for the living world

Conarpesa´s main activity is the capture and processing of products from the sea using its own fleet of ships and processing plants on shore.The company was set up in 1977 starting operations in 1979, being pioneer in Patagonia. Nowadays, Conarpesa is the biggest exporter fishing company and the biggest exporter of wild red shrimp in Argentina.

Whit its 4 processing plants on shore and employing more than 1.000 people directly, and many more indirectly, Conarpesa is today one of the main sources of employment in the Patagonia region.

Offering unequalled quality, a great knowledge of internacional markets and a well gained global reputation, Conarpesa has a places itself as the number one company in the field.

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