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Whole Shrimp, Processed on Shore


Plant processing whole shrimp is caught by coastal fishing vessels taking fresh shrimp, this kind of fleet never leaves port for more than 8 hours, contributing to achieve elaborated products of the highest quality.

Tunnel frozen  
Gradding: L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5
Inner Box: 1,76 Lbs, 2,2 Lbs, 4,4 Lbs
Master: 26.43 Lbs net wight:
(6 x 4,4 Lbs), (12 x 2,2 Lbs), (15 X 1,76 Lbs)

Grading codes
L1(4/9 pc/Lb) L2(10/14 pc/Lb) L3(15/18 pc/Lb) L4(19/27 pc/Lb) L5(28/36 pc/Lb)